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The blogging world, or blogosphere, has opened up the internet to musings, commentaries and debates on every topic. Being able to sustain so many bloggers requires good software. “The Blogosphere of Blog Software,” breaks down what aspects of software are most necessary for proper blogging. Although, there are plenty of ways to spend money on a blog provider, “Free Blogs are the Norm,” talks about how blog hosters are able to provide their hosting for free, and what their bloggers want from them, besides a free blog. Among the most taboo of blogs, there are hacker blogs. “Hacker Blogs – the Good, the Bad and the Neutral,” describes the various kinds of hacker blogs, which also outlines their degrees of good or bad intentions. “War Time Captured: The Soldier Blogs,” relates an even more serious matter. Soldier blogs have changed the way that war is covered. Used as an outlet, soldier blogs allow soldiers to cover aspects of war in real time.

Of course, there are many kinds of blogs which are based purely on pleasure. “Sex Blogs: Better than the Real Thing?” and “The Naughty Nature of Bad Girl Blogs,” cover some of the ways that sex is being used to express and exploit in blogging. How the nature of sex blogging mostly allows for new sexual _expression is discussed. Also detailed, are the bad girl blogs, which open up a range of implications, from the promiscuous college student, to the more perverse minded. Media entertainment is covered by, “TV Blogs: They’re Watching You.” These blogs are becoming notorious for making or breaking all kinds of shows, including reality tv, soap operas, and sports programs and events. “By Stars and For Stars: Celebrity Blogs,” are some of the most popular blogs. Drawing in millions with celebrity name keywords, bloggers make a buck, while celebrities themselves write a few blogs themselves.

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